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HDPE 50mil 1.2mm


HDPE geomembranes are produced from high quality high density polyethylene and are designed to meet or exceed the specifications published by GRI or other levels for HDPE (GRI GM 13,G/T or CJ).Our products are available in a variety of colors such as green for more aesthetic landfill caps and white for a solar reflective upper surface. The upper surface, lower surface, or both surfaces can be textured for use in applications where increased frictional resistance is required. The bottom surface can be comprised of a patented conductive layer to enable liner integrity surveys to be performed following installation of the liner.

Lowest individual reading
ADTM D 5199 every roll mil(mm) 50(1.20)
Density ASTM D1503 200,000lbs(90,000kg) g/m³(mil) 0.94
Tensile properties (each direction
Strength at break
Strength at yield
Elongation at break
Elongation at yeild
ASTM D 6692 ,Type IV
Dumbbell,2 ipm
G.L 2.0min(50mm)
200,000ibs(90,000kg) lb/in-width(N/mm)
Tear Resistance ASTM D 1004 45,000ibs(20,000kg) Ib(N) 35(156)
Puncture Resistance ASTM D 4833 45,000ibs(20,000kg) Ib(N) 90(400)
Carbon  Black Content ASTM D 1063*/4218 20,000ibs(9,000kg) %(range) 2.0-3.0
Caron Black Dispersion ASTM D 5596 45,000ibs(20,000kg) Note
Notch Constant Tensile Load ASTM D 5397
20,000ibs(9,000kg) hr 300
Oxidative Induction Time ASTM D 3895 ,200℃
O2 , atm
20,000ibs(9,000kg) min > 100
Roll Length ft(m) 164.04(50)
Roll Width ft(m) 19.68(6)
Roll Area ft²(m²) 3229.17(300)
** Roll lengthe and width have a torance of ±1%
** All geomembranes have dimesional stability of ±2% when tested according to ASTM 1204 and 1204 and LTB of < -77°C  when tested according to ASTM D746
This data is provided for informational purposes only. Trump Eco makes no warranties as to the suitability or the fitness for a specific use or merchantability of the products referred to, no guarantee of satisfactory results from reliance upon contained information or recommendations and disclaims all liability from resulting loss or damage. This information is subject to change without notice,


  • Irrigation ponds, canals, ditches & water reservoirs.
  • Mining heap leach & slag tailing ponds.
  • Golf course & decorative ponds.
  • Landfill cells, covers & caps.
  • Wastewater lagoons.
  • Secondary containment cells / systems.
  • Liquid containment.
  • Environmental containment.
  • Soil Remediation.

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  • HDPE is a very technical product to work with. It must be installed by certified welding technicians using specialized welding equipment to ensure performance.
  • Installations are temperature and poor weather sensitive.
  • 60 mil HDPE liner is the staple of the industry and is suitable for most applications.
  • Geomembrane is composed of High Density Polyethylene (High Density Polyethylene) add carbon black and antioxidant mixed in certain proportion, the three-lay co-extrusion blow molding production process.Both sides are flat, smooth.
  • HDPE is a very technical product to work with. It must be installed by certified welding technicians using specialized welding equipment to ensure performance.
  • Installations are temperature and poor weather sensitive.
  • 50 mil HDPE liner requires extra effort to ensure that the subgrade is in excellent condition. It is suitable as an upgrade from products like the 20 mil RPE for larger installations, and is an excellent secondary containment liner on multi-layer systems (for example: subgrade, geotextile layer, 40 mil HDPE layer, drainage net layer, 60 mil HDPE layer, geotextile layer, fill.)


  • High anti-seepage coefficient 1x10-17-17cm/s.
  • Excellent heat and cold resistance,the use environment temperature is up to -70°C-110°C.
  • Excellent chemical stability, can resist corrosion of strong acid, alkali and oil.
  • With good tensile strength,can be meet high standars of projects requirements.
  • With strong climate resistance and anti-aging properties.
  • With strong tensile strength and elongation at break, can be used in extremely geological and climatic conditions.
  • Adapt to geological uneven settlement strain.