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TPO geomembrane

TPO geomembrane

TPO waterproofing membrane, is thermoplastic polyolefin waterproofing membrane, it is based on thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) synthetic resin which combines ethylene propylene rubber and polypropylene with advanced polymerization technology, adding antioxidant and anti-aging agent. The new waterproof membrane made of softener can be made of polyester fiber mesh cloth as internal reinforcement material to make reinforced waterproof membrane. It is a synthetic polymer waterproof membrane waterproof product.

In practical application, the product has the comprehensive characteristics of anti-aging, high tensile strength, large elongation, wet roof construction, no need for protective layer, convenient construction and no pollution. It is very suitable for light energy-saving roofing and large-scale factory building. And waterproof layer of environmentally friendly building.

Serial number project index
1 Intermediate tire base resin layer thickness --  0.40
2 Tensile properties Maximum pulling force/(N/cm)≥  --  200  250
Tensile Strength/MPa≥  12.0  --  --
Elongation at maximum tensile force/%≥
Elongation at break/%≥  500  250  --
 3 Heat treatment dimensional change rate /% ≤  2.0  1.0  0.5
 4 Low temperature bending -40℃No crack
 5 Impervious  0.3MPa,2h  impermeable
 6   Impact resistance  0.5kg.m,2h  impermeable
 7 Antistatic load  --  -- 20kg does not seep water
 8 Water absorption rate(70℃ 168h)/%≤    4.0
 9 Trapezoidal tear strength/N≥  --  250  450


  •  Ease of molding or shaping.

  •  Durability under all environmental conditions.
  •  Good mechanical strength and toughness.
  •  Very good tear strength and elongation.
  •  Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  •  Good barrier to moisture.
  •  Excellent UV resistant.
  •  Very good impermeable properties.

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  • It’s easy to install with good system integrity, few accessories.

  • Excellent tensile strength, tearing resistance and penetration resistance performance.
  • No plasticizer. They have been tested as having excellent resistance to thermal aging and ultraviolet, durable and exposed.
  • Hot-air welding. The peel strength of joint is high.
  • Fast welding speed.
  • Environment friendly, 100% recycled, without chlorine.